About Us

Who We are

Education Sustainability and Vocational Development Initiative is a national development organization dedicated to empowering one child, one school, one teacher, and one community to ensure equal access to educational opportunities by working through volunteers and partners.

To reduce gender disparity in access to quality education and learning opportunities.

Provide Inclusive and equitable quality education to every African child in line with the SDGs 4 of the United Nation.

ESVDI Values 2

Our Values

Here are our core values...



a) Build partnership that promotes innovation, growth, and long-lasting impact.
b) Empower marginalized people with knowledge and skills for decent work and entrepreneurship.


a) Leverage volunteering for development and maintaining quality standards through our programs.
b) Recruit the right and passionate people.


a) Promote equality in a diverse community through our work.
b) Engage in advocacy for the marginalized people in our community.


a) Be open, transparent, and accountable in everything we do.
Have respect for others, differences, and perspective.

Our Strategy

Our strategic objectives include...

What We Do


Making sure that the youths get the right guidance from highly skilled and experienced professionals to live a fulfilled life.


Improving lives for all through education and awareness programs for sustainable development to influence decisions within political, economic, and social institutions.


Provide support for students that will improve learning and leadership in the classroom through scholarship and educational resources.

Teachers Training

Provide capacity building and support for teachers to improve the quality of education of learners.

Vocational training

Ensuring people have relevant skills for employment and decent jobs.

Be a Changemaker

Volunteer to be part of the change you seek...

As a volunteer Educator, volunteering with ESV is a unique experience to create long-lasting change in the lives of school children in marginalized communities. You will benefit from the invaluable opportunity for both personal and career development.

Support Us

This is an opportunity to make a big impact on the society...

According to research, primary school children from low-income backgrounds or poor households, according to research, tend to drop out of school as a result of poverty. Your partnership with us can help reverse this for good.

Help us improve

Your valuable suggestions and feedback will help us improve our vision, approach and ethos.
Please reach out and connect with us on any of the social mediums listed below.